The following websites are listed here because they are Universalist. Their listing does not imply endorsement by the UNIVERSALIST HERALD. You will be taken to an external site on a seperate page.

Bishop Carlton Pearson's Pentecostal - Universalist Site

Book of the Bee Chapter LX This 13th century book of the Oriental Orthodox

(aka Nestorian Church) has a strong statement endorsing Universalism.

Canadian Quaker Universalist Site

Christian Universalist Association


Council of Christian Churches within the UUA

Dictionary of Unitarian Universalist Biography

God is Love: The Mystery of Universal Salvation

Multi-Faith Universalist  Site

New York State Convention of Universalists

Pennsylvania Universalist Convention

Quaker Universalist Fellowship

Quaker Universalist Group

Roman Catholic Universalist Website

Southern "Universalist Church" History - Blog

Starr King's Universalist Webpage


The Near-Death Experience and Christian Universalism

The New Massachusetts Universalist Convention

The Universalist Church

Tom Talbott's Universalist Theology Webpage

True Grace Ministries

Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship

United Methodist Minister's Universalist Site

Universal Salvation and the Bible

Universal Salvation in World Scripture

Universalist Church

Universalist Church of America Records

Universalist Convocations

Universalist Heritage Foundation

Universalist National Memorial Church

Universalist Periodicals at Harvard