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Richard S. Gilbert

In the blessed hush of this hour we settle down;
We close off from our minds the noises that jangle our nerves;
We open our ears and our hearts to ancient music that both soothes
and sustains us;
How we long for these few moments of quiet,
Away from workaday things,
The incessant ringing of the phone,
The steady hum of the computer,
The crackling of electronic machines which will not let us be,
The constant buzz of important talk.
For a time we repair to a quieter world of the spirit,
Where life is not a matter of getting things done,
Where life has to do with being alive in this moment,
And the experience of listening to story and song
Captures our notice and commands our attention.
To be sure we are about important things,
Our work in the world can be done by no one else,
We are a vital cog in the great scheme of things.
Just for a moment, let us put aside such important matters
And listen to angel songs and prophet voices;
Let us allow ourselves into the magic world of poetry and legend,
Which speaks a truth escaping our daily notice
Even as the cold penetrates our bodies,
May we be warmed by the spirit of expectancy
liven as icy winds chill us to the very bone,
May we be warmed by a rebirth of our love for one another.
In the blessed hush of this hour, may we listen to the stirrings of our
innermost self and be glad to renew our acquaintance. Hush. Hush.

Richard S. Gilbert, L.H.D. is a life long Universalist.

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